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The marvelous tea could spread aroma far and make one's mouth water。 it is not enough to be exaggerated. Founder of brand was a fanatic of delicacy, having walked around in several countries and tasted plenty of zestful dainties. Therefore, he must have his own logical definition of the delicacy. That is to say, after a morsel of food gets into his mouth, his taste bud could work as being at a laboratory.

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5 stars always for T4. I come here every one-two weeks and fall more in love each time. The staff is always friendly and the drinks are always quality. Truly the best boba tea in the Sacramento area. Their popcorn chicken is to die for. It's seasoned and cooked perfectly. My go-to drink is the green tea with mango ice cream and add boba. It's good all year round and I love how unique their drinks are. Don't look any further for any other boba spots... this is the place to go !-----


My favorite tea is by far the classic Thai Tea, 30% ice and 50% sweetness, with boba. It's just sweet enough without overpowering your taste buds and I hate watered-down tea. I LOVE that they give you the options of ice amount and sweetness level. Other drink places could learn a thing or two from T4.


Lots of good options here and its easy to customize your drink just to your liking. I mean even down to ice and sweetness level! My favorite drink is the chocolate milk tea with salted cream. Just make sure to really mix up the tea and the cream before drinking! The salted cream is very salty so it's not super enjoyable on its own.